LoRa Network Protocol and Long Range Wireless IoT

LPWAN Internet of Things (IoT) Networking Technology; A guide to the standard and its coverage, protocol stack, range and compatible chips and gateways...

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Understanding OpenStack Authentication: Keystone PKI

This post focuses not on how Keystone issues tokens but rather the later stage, where existing tokens are used by clients to sign their API calls. These requests are later validated by OpenStack API endpoints.

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New Research: Is an Ad-Supported Internet Feasible in Emerging Markets?

New research conducted by Caribou Digital and funded by Mozilla explores digital advertising models in the Global South — whether they can succeed, and what that means for users, businesses, and the health of the Internet

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Wine 2.0 brings newer Microsoft Office to your Linux system

If you were using a Windows desktop just to create, edit or view documents or spreadsheets on a recent Microsoft Office version, you can now leave the proprietary world and install the Office 2013 package right on your Linux system through Wine 2.0. 

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Table Type Patterns (TTPs) Simplified

There is a new idea on the horizon for faster adaptation of OpenFlow (OF) by different network devices or nodes. It is called Table Type Patterns (TTPs)

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Handling webhooks using Django and ngrok

In this article we’ll go over how to handle webhooks using Django, create a webhook in GitHub, and test the webhook on your local machine using ngrok. But first a brief primer on webhooks.

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Open Source Networking: Disruptive Innovation Ready for Prime Time

Innovations are much more interesting than inventions.  The “laser” is a classic invention and “FedEx” is a classic innovation.  Successful innovation disrupts entire industries and ecosystems as we’ve seen with Uber, AirBnB, and Amazon to name just a few.   The entire global telecommunication industry is at the dawn of a new era of innovation. 

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Machine Learning Everywhere

The field of statistics typically has had a bad reputation. It's seen as difficult, boring and even a bit useless. Many of my friends had to take statistics courses in graduate school, so that they could analyze and report on their research. To many of them, the classes were a form of nerdy, boring torture.

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Master C++ Programming with Open-Source Books

Books are very personal and subjective possessions. And programming books are no exception. But regardless of their style, focus, or pace, good C++ programming books take the reader on a compelling journey, opening eyes to the capabilities of the language, and showing how it can be used to build just about anything.

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Control Plane Engineering Is Key for Big Kubernetes Deployments

If you’re interested in running a complex Kubernetes system across several different cloud environments, you should check out what Bob Wise and his team at Samsung SDS call “Control Plane Engineering.”

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Red Hat OpenShift Part 1: From Gears to Docker

In this part one of our two part story about Red Hat OpenShift, Scott Fulton provides a look at the architectures of the platform as a service. In part two, we’ll explore further how Kubernetes changes the way developers think about their applications when they intend to deploy them on the new Red Hat OpenShift v3.

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